Testimonies of Seafood Junction Customers

My family and I love Seafood Junction not only for its GREAT food but also for its casual dining. There's nothing fancy about Seafood Junctions and that's why the locals love it. The food is simple, fresh, and always cooked to perfection. The entire staff of Seafood Junction epitomizes southern charm and hospitality. Fresh seafood or a savory steak, sweet tea and southern charm; that why we LOVE Seafood Junction.
If you are planning an evening to dine with the whole family, I'd recommend the Seafood Junction in downtown, Algoma, MS.  There you will find good, healthy food and a pleasant atmosphere which adds to your visit. When you enter the building, you are greeted by lovely ladies with a menu and waiting to place you at your favorite table. Many times two young fellows will be near the door to assist the elderly and handicapped.
When you are seated, there comes the smiling waitress to see if you have chosen the food of your choice. She is always pleasant and makes you feel special. Teresa and Jill are moving among the crowd to ask if you are pleased with the food. Of course, there are those many choices: the seafood and vegetable buffet, the salad bar, those many desserts, and that special ice cream.
You may order from the menu which includes many choices and last but not least, don't forget that steak cooked by Rickey Armstrong with its special aroma. With the above information, I think that you will agree that a visit to the Seafood Junction will be enjoyed by all the family.